Selling plots for €0.4 per plot (or make a good offer) from our small little Chia farm

Me and a friend of mine are running our own little Chia operation :). However since we’re reaching the end of our storage capacity we’re interesting in selling plots for others as well.

We have a capacity of creating about 30-40 plots per day I would say. So if someone is interested feel free to contact me so we can discuss further terms.

We are no big business making loads of money here, just another small plotter friend :slight_smile: who’d like to support the community and make some money in the process.

(Disclaimer: All the plots we create are watered daily and taken care of by our professional plotmeisters until downloaded, after downloading plot ownership and thus care will be transfered to buyer)

-Devedse & Friend

I’m happy to announce that I’ve fulfilled my first plotting orders :slight_smile: However between 09:00 and 18:00 I still have some plotting capacity left. So if people are interested, let me know.

Hi, I am interested in ordering - can I do a 20 plot order first- if this works I will look to increase? thanks

Ian, were you able to order those plots? if so, do you know how they were able to strip off their private key and add your key? I have some plots to sell, but don’t know how to sell them properly. thanks in advance for replying.

We had some issues with transfering the plots to Ian because the transfer was going quite slow. But that should be resolved now.

I do have spare plotting capacity still so please let me know if there’s anyone interested :slight_smile:

Thanks so far to all people that had interest in the plotting service. I do have some spare plotting capacity until next week.

Orders are done for now, let me know if more people are interested :slight_smile:

Hi, where do I click to order?

With the previous customers I’ve done uploads directly to their FTP servers. Easier for them since they don’t have to manually download the plots.

If you’re interested please send me a direct message.

If I do that, I have to pay for the virtual storage + plots.
That is not that practical if every client has to pay for their own server storage, temporary or not.

That’s fine if you’re not willing to pay for that :slight_smile: . For my previous customers it was very practical that I could upload directly to their Chia storage disks. That meant they didn’t need any temp (you call this virtual) storage at all.

Bumping my post up since I’ve fulfilled all current orders :slight_smile:

Hi all, I’m selling plots gain. Let me know if someone is interested.

Bumping it up :), still working on some clients plots but let me know if there’s more interest.