Selling Plots on 16 and 14 Tb Hard Drives

5 16TB wd shucked drives $640 ea
6 14TB wd shucked drives $560 ea.

I’ll plot them with your nft or ppk. My plotters can output 15T per day.

Contact bwtechnical on keybase or foxy or chia coin discords. Thanks.

Overpriced by about 25% I’d say. Back of the envelope without actually checking current prices that’s nearly 2 years to hit ROI, with the assumption that netspace doesn’t take off like a rocket again.

Thanks for your input. I’ve priced the hardware at $20/tb and the plots the same. It seemed reasonable to me. Maybe not a bargain, but reasonable.

I think you’re telling me I’m better off plotting it all for me. I must admit I’m close to that. I’m giving it through the next weekend.

I see where you’re at. $20/TB on the disk is fair. Going rate for plots is $10 or less. If you can farm them yourself and don’t need the cash today, I’d just keep 'em.

Ok I’ll drop the price to $480ea for the 5 16tb drives and $420ea for the 6 14tb drives.

Order as many of each capacity or any one capacity that you like.

I’ll plot them with your farmer public key and your pool public key (for og plots) or your pool contract address (for pooling plots). My plotters can push 15tb/day to the hard drives.

Half up front, rest plus shipping upon job completion. I’ll ship to U.S., Canada or Mexico.

Please respond by next Monday evening. I’ll start filling orders on Tuesday and any drives not reserved I’ll keep for myself and my own farm.

Contact bwtechnical at keybase or reddit or the foxy-chia-og or the chia coin discords. Thanks for looking.

Thanks to everyone who looked over and considered this offering. This offering is now closed.