Selling plotting capacity - I'm out of space

Hello everybody. I’m a small chia farmer. I started to plot and farm a few weeks ago. Right now, I have a good plotting capacity (~1,5 TB / day), but my storage is limited. I can’t buy new disks, there are too expensive (almost 400€ / 16 TB). Therefore I was wondering if somebody is interested is plotting capacity. I would need only the farmer und public pool key, to create the plots.

If you want me to plot for you, then tell me how many plots you want and what is your price target. Thanks.

so… you want to expend network more, and minimize your chances to get any rewards at all, by inviting more people in.

is i get it correct ?

do you understand - less people have plots, more chances YOU get to receive rewards ?


that’s true! however selling plots is also a way to guarantee yourself some income… but unless it’s really cheap I think few people will pay for 1.5TB/day plot service. :confused:

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@novosti - its not like I have a great impact on the network space. The space is growing with 8-9% a DAY. My chances of winning are getting far, far away. And I can’t afford to spend more money on external drives (which are crazy high).

So selling plots would actually help me to buy new drives. And I know, I’m a small farmer, not a huge plotting service with 100 TB a day. But I think maybe there are be people I can help. And I’m not demanding 5€ / Plot. So, 2€ / Plot should be cheap enough or what do you think @guillem

edit: I accidentally wrote TB instead of Plot. Just corrected it.

you didn’t answer my question. but it’s ok.

actually I think he answered your question quite fully…

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i don’t know dude, i guess this is a completely free market, so only the market will tell if 2€/plot is fair…

but have in mind that you can build a rig that plots 1.3TB/day for about 500$

EDIT: I’ve just read that you said 2€/TB, I guess this is a mistake… if it’s not let’s talk!

please remained me, who was asking you ?

Didn’t even see that haha, yes 2€ /TB is another thing entirely.

$2/plot is an often seen price, but even at $1/plot you would still be making 300 bucks a month…more than many people who are waiting for their farm to get lucky atm

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yeah, you are all right, I meant 2$ / Plot, not TB. :rofl:

And I thought I did answered you question @novosti. I know (at least a bit) how Chia works. Thats the reason, Why I can’t win as a small farmer. I can’t compete with the network growth, so I need another solution.

Dude, 400 EUR for 16TB? Where did you find that? I’ll buy 20…

305€ WD Elements Desktop 12TB on (25€/TB)
485€ WD Elements Desktop 16TB on (30€/TB)

yesterday arrived stock and 14TB are already sold out, were at 375€

2.5" portable USB 5tb for 100€ seem the cheapest at 20€/TB now

i wouldn’t buy those drives unless they are at 10€/TB

ah. 485, not 400… and not any drives I’d touch… yeah, prices are shooting up. they are now at 500 EUR in most European stores…

Well, you can buy 6TB external drives for 130€, which whould be ~350€ for 16 TB (I know it is not one disk, but still).

$/TB is not the only thing that matter with hard drives… you also have to pay attention to durability, power consumption, physical space that will occupy the drives, etc.