Setting for madmax 0.6 ( windows)

Hi guys, any suggestions for the settings regarding the mad max plotter:
My setup:

AMD Ryzen 9 3900XT
1tb nvme (SAMSUNG 980)
32 gb ram 3600 MHz

try -r 16 for cores… should speed it up a bit.

bring up to 128gb ram, set 110gb as ram drive for maxplotter drive 2, and the samsung 980 drive 1. that should max out both cpu and ram usage.

isnt that a 24 thread cpu? i would max it out at -r24 also

im getting Total plot creation time was 1410.62 sec (23.5104 min) on 16 cores in ubuntu. buckets 512 and 256… crapy m2… havent installed 980pro on this one yet.

bro i just have 980… not pro… thats it taking to time

dont understand… i’ve gone to 20 min per plot with a few tweaks.