Setting Up Farm for Compressed Plots

Long time farmer, looking to re-plot and have tested a bladebit C7 RAM only and it worked OK.

Setting up my CLI Farmer and I’m stuck. This doc says I need to add Harvester settings in config.yaml so that my CPU Farm can support the compressed plots.

Only thing is I don’t have a Harvester section in my config.yaml. I backed up and initialised thinking I had an old config but the new one didn’t have a “harvester:” section either. Do I just create the section?

The doc just assumes it’s there.

What version chia do you have installed?
When you edit your config.yaml and look for harvester: have this in there , that’s it.
crt: config/ssl/ca/chia_ca.crt
key: config/ssl/ca/chia_ca.key
port: 8447

and at the C:\Program Files\Chia\resources\app.asar.unpacked\daemon run this command .\chia start -r harvester

OK it’s there. There seems to be a strange bug in my search in my terminal that means it doesn’t always find the string.