Setup two new categories: Chia Pools, and Chia Tools & Scripts!

After some feedback from some folks, I’ve setup two new categories here for us:

I moved about 40 topics into the pools category, and will try and move some topics into the tools and scripts one next. If I miss any, or you want to recommend one for it, please either @ me in the topic, or send me a message and I’ll move it over.

I’ll do a State of the Forum post this weekend when I have some time.



Those categories were badly needed. Categories are like hard divisions. We also have the new softer divisions of tags… but please use them properly!

#news #article

:point_up_2: I think those should only go on topics that refer to official news and articles from legit sources, like a Bloomberg article on Chia.

It might be good to add a few more tags over time; feel free to suggest any missing tags that’d be useful to organize topics. For example I was thinking of Windows / Linux, for topics specific to those operating systems, that might be a useful tag to add to topics.

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