Shedding some light on space pool

Just wanted to share my exp with space pool so far.
I’ve nothing but praises for them.

I’d seen alot of ppl claiming to have lost rewards there, or other pools.

On looking , I noticed I had an unclaimed reward on my nft, I spotted this on the Pool, so they were open and honest about it.

After proving myself as owner of the nft, the 1.75 was paid out to me. The whole thing took less than 15 mins ish to straighten out.

So I’d advise not to be taken in by all the ppl complaining, I have no idea what their issues were, but space acted very fast and professionally.

Kudos to them, I’m very happy there.

Hi, I also use Space pool and also very happy with them, but I get daily payouts based on the number of partials my farmed nft-plots provided.
How does this ‘unclaimed reward’ you talk about come to be? Never knew this could happen.

I also use space pool and never got an issue with them now, fingers cross :smiley:

I’m guessing it was left unclaimed on the nft when I joined, but I didn’t see it,.
Or maybe it was in the few seconds while I was waiting to join, or held as you have to wait x amount of blocks before rewards are claimable. ( I think, but I’m tired )

I’d noticed I’d got 3 x .25 payments, so was sure I’d hit 3 blocks on nft, but space only showed me winning 2.

I was flicking through the tabs on space, and one said unclaimed rewards .

I contacted them on discord and it was sorted very fast.
They didn’t even deduct pool fee, and sent it all to me.

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Ok, thanks for explaining;-)

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I don’t understand. The 1.75 should go to the pool, not to you!

No, it was won by me solo, but I hadn’t claimed it from the nft before handing over control of the nft payout to the pool.

The other 2 x rewards were split with the pool as usually should be.

It can take time to join a pool , why would you share a solo win?

See my edits, I explained better, but somehow rolled it back and can’t fix it…

And I’m too tired to try.

Nevermind, its vanished from the edits, I was just explaining how nfts work when solo, and having to manually claim the reward.

Some pools have been accused of keeping coin in that case, but its not the fair thing to do.