Should I switch from GPU to CPU farming?

I’ve almost completed plotting C7 plots with Max’s CUDA plotter.
Now I’m wondering whether I should switch my plotting from GPU to CPU.
I will be having around 4.5 PB effective size of C7 plots once I finish plotting. That’s around 2.9 PB of real space taken.

Right now I use an X99-based Chinese motherboard with 2630 v3 and an A4000 GPU to handle the farming.
AFAIK you need lots of RAM to farm with CPU, so I’ve got a Supermicro with 768 GB DDR3 memory. What other hardware requirements should one take into account?

What are the pros and cons of such a switch?

For me the only + that I see is that devfee is smaller for CPU farming.

What about the power consumption?
For example, if we compare:

  1. my Supermicro with dual CPUs and 768GB RAM and
  2. some low-powered 1151 motherboard with just a Celeron G3900 in it and an A4000

which one is going to be better?


Based on my calculation I would say you are not able the run this 4.5 PB with your 8 core.

What you should do: buy some multimeter or power measure smart plug and run the simulate command for a while. you should do that to measure power consumption over e.g. 10 min. After this runs you will be able to compare both settings from point of total power consumption

I think the showstopper could be the lookup time with „only“ 16 threats for that amount of plots.

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Why not plot with Bladebit and farm with Alpha 4.3? No Dev fees :slight_smile:

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GPU is more efficient, there’s no point in going back to CPU, especially with your farm size.

Or put another way : what you will save in fees, you will lose in electricity and cost of CPU hardware.

That’s actually another good option, but since GH plots can’t be farmed with the Chia farmer, a replot would be necessary. And GH has higher compression ratio from what I’ve heard, so it’s not that big a deal to keep GH.

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BB C5 plots are actually very light on CPU and should be doable with any server CPU.
But anyway low power PC + GPU is def the way forward for bigger farms.

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Those are not BB C5 but MM C7 which is equivalent to BB C8.

Because Max and Flexpool had something ready, efficient and ready earlier at a reasonable cost compared to the effort they did? :expressionless:
(I went through the pool drama, do not blame me)

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Most has been said already I think but anyhow I’ll add my 2cents to the pot.

GPU is much more efficient for decompressing than CPU. If you balance it right (farm size, compression level, GPU) it will be much better.
If you want to switch to CPU for whatever reason Gigahorse C7 is no the right plot. You need lower compression to be efficient with CPU, like C0-C4 or so. C7 requires seriously high end CPU to farm that size farm.
Also depends on your energy price of course. If your energy is super cheap, the GPU dev fee might be higher than your energy cost

No, really don’t need much ram for farming, no matter CPU or GPU.

This will be much better if you aks me. Low power, much more efficient.

Bladebit/Chia will not have a dev fee of course but it’s still not finished and you would need to replot everything. Also, it looks like Gigahorse pots will still hold some advantage in size, so that might make up for a part of the dev fee.


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Can haverster decode compressed plot? or it must be done on the main farmer. Thanks.

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