Show off your rigs!

Is it best for externals to lieflat or upright? Flat on desk would be less air surface but more vibration stable?

On the rubber feet wherever they are. Less vibrations.


i like them flat on desk, and put some mats under it, upright if anything accident knock it over it will be game over for the drive, my last single nas was knock over by kids and dead right after … :joy:

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This is my main plotter. It’s jacked right now cause I decided to mess with it and change a few things. It’s my main one I use for work as well.

3950x with 128GB, has 6 ssd hot swap and 2 hot swap hard drives. Has an asus hyper on the way so I should be able to shove about 5 nvmes in there too.

This was gonna be a nas and use unraid, but the board is like 10 years old and finally gave out so it’s in the process of being rebuilt. Waiting on parts sucks


This is my secondary 4 nodes plotter. Xeon-D 16Core, 32 Gb Ram, 2 slots nvme for each node.
4 nodes in an u1 chassis low power consumption I’m going “Green”.


This is all I can show off about my rigs! :wink:

This one is running 22 plot jobs with a 15 mins interval!


Domestic assistant required - please don’t apply if you are OCD lol
I am about to re-organise as i have to add another 32 disks soon

As you can see it was “assembled” incrementally and one of my intentions failed slightly - a job for tomorrow i think as the HBA SAS extender is full and i need to add another one


I bought similar system only with 5 1 TB m2 SSDs. I only get 20 plots max. Where do I make mistakes?

lovely build :slight_smile: also i try to plotting in 2019 macbook pro 16"

Can you let us know about your mac mini setup and plotting times please?

thank you

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Hell of a beast, what is the result with 40 plots?

With 40 plots (2 final plots per HDD) it does around 23 hours. A bit faster than 20 per 12 hours. Have to check some things though. Something did not seem right. Took too long imo.

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maxed out my mac mini milk crate farm.
here’s the next setup.
can someone have Bram’s head 3D printed with all those tiny holes so i can make a chia pet out of him and put him on top of the table?


Good luck with that. If possible please update what you found. I guess writing on the temp disk can be the problem.

Late night in the lab testing after moving my plotting rigs to the basement. Unfortunately my home is wired with CAT something that caps at 250MBs. Can’t wait to get my primary farmer down there too on a local gigabit LAN.

Ordered another 5950x but worried about keeping up with a supply of storage at this point.


I dont think its a temp disk problem. The threadripper when doing 20 in parallel with 4 NVMEs, does the job in 9h 30mins. I added another 4 NVMEs to the threadripper yesterday (20 plots parallel with 8 NVMEs for temp drive) and plotting times went down by 50 minutes (8h and 40mins).
When the Threadripper was doing 8 parallel in 4 NVMEs it did it in 6h 30mins.

Looks like the bottleneck after some point is the CPU. No matter how fast it is or how many cores it has.


Lego idea is so cute i guess its your farming build :slight_smile: what do you have in your plotting build ?

Been plotting a bit on my stormtrooper build, i plott about 24-28 plotts a day and mining ETH at ~100MH/s at the same time on a 3080 :smiley:
But filled up the last of my hdd´s today ( 22TB) so need to get some more :slight_smile:
It works best for me with about 6-8 plots in parallell, and givs a plot time around 6hr
With some knowledge and tweaking it should ealsy do 30+ plotts a day.

Setup is
CPU 3950X
32GBram 3200Mhz
Temp drives are 3 960GB Corsair MP510 NVME´s 2 in RAID 0 with 1,4TB och tempspace and the second drive has ~600GB free space.

Also been plotting a bit on the farmer, 11600K/16GBRam and it makes easly about 5-9plots a day.


Second 5950x rig coming online!

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Actually Gigabit Lan caps at 125 MB/s :sweat_smile:
so you prob already have 2.5 Gb lan in your house which is pretty nice