Show off your rigs!

I see you bundle these drives together, do they get hot? These 2.5 drives don’t require external USB, I think the entire system looks neat and clean

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not at all. barely warm

Next 75 TiB build complete.


My trashy 1PB setup.


My current setup. PC’s in the back (in order from left to right)

  1. Full Node/Hyper-V (VM’s are Cold Wallet [off] / Harvester1 [off] / Harvester2 [off] / Harvester3 [off] / HPool [running])
  2. Plotter 1
  3. Plotter 2

The NAS’s stacked on the right hold about 2500 plots. The server laying flat is new (new to me, old SuperMicro) and just coming online (Plotter 3). The switch in the middle of the NAS stack is the Plotter switch. There is another switch hiding behind the NAS stack. It is the farming switch.

The device on top of the NAS stack is a power/temp monitor. The entire Farm is currently running around 650-800 Watts depending on load.

I suggest using a nylon string. You can buy in a roll in bulk.
Tie it to the end tightly and kinda make a cage out of it.

Haha. The best ones are the ones looking like that with used hardware.

That’s excellent. You could buy some cheap pc cases to hold onto the disks better… £9.99. some even come with HDD trays.

Better than the individual hard drive caddy’s which cost ££££ and only hold about 4-5

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I actually just had some plywood cut at a local wood yard - with some strip wood and 6 fans per 32 drives i’ll be building 3 DIY enclosures to hold 96 drives total using 3xSAS expanders - that picture was just in the interim. I’ll power them of a single server PSU (12v) and a handful of DC->DC converters for 5v

Low capital outlay was my priority

All on 1 farmer with 1 or 2 HBA

I had at first thought i could make packs of 4 disks spaced by double sided foam but the foam sorta melted and compressed - hence the wonky stacks - they are at least now down on the table awaiting the enclosure builds - hoping 6 fans per 8 wide disks - 4 deep - 1 pairs fans on inlet, 1 pair fans outlet and 1 pairs fans in middle - should do the job

I actually have more plotted drives than i can connect right now as i am waiting for another SAS expander (I have had 2 “mysteriously” cancelled without telling me - clearly coz they realised the value and sold a a higher price) - so around 2700-2800 or so plots with a few hundred “offline” - as you say PC cases will work with basic PSU but its a cabling nightmare - hence the upcoming DIY enclosures

Pictures when its done - but they won’t be so funny

Hey. I got a similar setup, but I can’t really get the swar settings for the server. Can you share yours, please?


I can recommend the MadMax plotter, is much more effective on this system

Already using it, thanks.

I’m sorry could you help me out, I don’t understand 21 plots parallel, staggered by 1 hour. Wouldn’t that equal 21 plots in a day which also equal production of around 2tib instead? what am i missing here?

You are missing MadMax plotter.

Let’s say I have 3 jobs running. Each job has a max of 7 plots that run concurrently. And each plot is staggered by 1 hour. That is 21 plots in parallel with a 1 hour stagger. It isn’t just 21 plots an hour apart.

I don’t know if that is specifically his setup. But that is at least one way his “21 plots in parallel” would work.

Picked up my 100% free farming computer yesterday

Something tells me the airflow over the cpu is a bit restricted though


Two servers and a big shelf to fill with usb hard drives. Planning 3D printed stands for them, the cardboard is just to try it out.

Added some SAS expanders and an R620 plotter.

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Finally found a quiet running dual xeon system.
2x 2680v2, 256gb ddr3, let the Madmaxing begin :grin:


My homelab, configured for chia farming

I started plotting with 5 HP DL360e gen 8 and was able to make 8 plots a day per machine, so 40 in total, plotting to 4 HDDs per node, one plot per drive in parallel, parallel plotting to raid 0 performed pretty badly.

Since the Mad Max plotter appeared I readjusted my setup, phased out 4 of the HP DL360e, put 128 GB RAM in to one of the 5, tried plotting to a RAID 0 was not entirely happy, then added one 500 GB nvme, now it can do 30 plots per day using the nvme as tmp1 and ramdisk as tmp2.

Trying to get the HP DL360e gen8 running with SAS drives was basically impossible with Ubuntu 20.04 as OS. That was the main reason to try the nvme drive.

My second plotter is the lower HP DL380p gen8. I loaded it with 8 15k SAS drives in RAID 0. First I ran it with two E5 2637 v2, I was able to do 1 plot per 1,5 hour, today two E5 2650 v2 arrived and now it is a bit quicker than the DL360e with two E5 2470 v1. The SAS drives do quite well I must say. I have two P420 RAID controllers in the DL380p that have 2 GB cache each.

At the moment I am at around 1000 plots, since I had mainly 3TB disks available.

I am about to activate the lower CSE-846 but for that I will have to shut down one of the plotters to not exceed my power budget to much.

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about 3.3PB. all the 1u’s are plotters. and 2u’s are multi-node plotters. the rest are 36/72 bay storage servers and then two 84 bay jbod’s… I was pumping out around 550-600 plots/day but now with madmax its about 830 plots per day, but I only have a few days left before everything’s full. though of course i’ll probably end up replotting it all again to make portable plots if i ever want to farm on an official pool.


what usb hub are you using ? i have about 20 drives to connect