Shuck external hard drives full of plots and move them to an enclosure?

Hi all!

I’ve two Seagate Expansion Desktop 12TB full of plots and I’m upgrading my farm with two more drives (for now, I bet will add more drives soon), but it’s becoming a mess with all the plugs and cables, so I think it’s a good idea to get one of these external enclosures.

So, if I do the shuck carefully and don’t do any RAID I should be able to move that full drives into the enclosure without losing any data right? Or maybe it’s a better idea to leave the full drives in their own enclosure and only shuck the new ones?

Sorry if it’s a dumb question, I’m a newbie and don’t wanna mess weeks of work (and TBW) filling those drives. :cold_sweat:


Yep! Those drives will be 3.5" standard size. They’ll fit right in! Just make sure you don’t use RAID when setting up the new enclosure and just use each disk separately.

The documention mentions this as an “Audio and Video Collection” mode; you can call it Chia mode :slight_smile: :


Be careful with shucked drives. Some models have a sata connector pin that shuts off the drive with standard power connectors. If you see this behavior google how to apply Kapton tape to the connector.
Also be aware some enclosure drives at 8tb size are Shingle Magnetic Recording or SMR and have very poor write performance. Im trying to use these by filling them up all at once and farming. So far I’m waiting on the longterm results for plot seek time.


thanks! As I have seen on reddit must be a Seagate Ironwolf Pro inside those drives or maybe if I’m lucky an Exos x16, so I hope everything will be fine.

In my luck they’ve been barracuda compute. : ( at least from costco.

ooops, with the 12TB ones?

I have seen many posts on reddit and YouTube and with the 12TB+ there is an Exos most of the time, and people who bought that in Europe, like me, got the Ironwolf.

Will update in a few days with the drives inside mines.

I guess I’m lucky, just shucked one of the 12TB drives to see what’s inside and got the Exos X16.

Will fill the 14TB ones first before shucking them.