Simple Ok/"not-Ok" farming status indicator

My dear chia-farmers.
Very simple question.
Do I understand right, that:

  1. green status “FARMING” in GUI &

  2. “8 plots were eligible for farming a29c7a6429… Found 0 proofs. Time: 1.26128 s. Total 4xx plots” in log &

  3. “port 8444 opened” in port checker

  • equal 99% “everything is Ok with farming” for solo?
    Just sit & relax & wait for win a block. :slight_smile:

2022-04-15_161303 - That’s the answer!

Farmrs cool. Real pritty and fairly simple
If u enjoy being held upsidown like a 1st grader by a 5th grader trying to take ur money.
Just like that.

Or like eating ur picnic at the beach where all the sea gals are.


If u didn’t read the source. Ull be as shocked as I was to find out that good things aren’t always was they seem.
And if chia doesn’t endorse it publicly.
There’s reasons.

Happy sailing

Looks good to me. :+1:

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did u infact lookup the source? id love to debug it myself if I had the time. I had a poor experience with it… and the server it setup on my home network… but im paranoid about my internets on the line.
sense than I just can’t bring myself to do anything outside oof what chia directly endorses… to the letter.