Slow Plotting Bladebit 1.2.4 in Memory 512GB - IBM Server

Dude! Call somebody next time! I’m not too terribly far from you. Savannah. I’ll rent a uhaul and drive down!


Dual Xeon with DDR3 is good for plotting, but a better CPU is needed to reach the full speed:

2x Xeon E5-2697v2 (12core, 30MB Cache, 130W, 2.7-3.5 GHz, Launch Q3/13) = 24 cores (48 Hyperthreading), 512GB LRDIMM (1600MHz) DDR3

Best run: Finished plotting in 846.32 seconds (14.11 minutes)
Average Plots per Day: 101 PPD


Dude it was in 2014 thats 8 years ago

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Lol. Yeah. I saw after I replied.

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Just think we could have had free power and A/C to cool those units down!!!

sorry for digging this is up, but I am looking for someone that plotted using similiar server to the one I have and that is 2x 2699v3 (72 hyperhreading cores), 256GB RAM. My ram is RDIMM so I am not sure whether I can add another 256 (also its kinda pricey). Is 256GB in that config OK to get ~15 minute plots?

You need to know, how many free memory slots there are on your motherboard. If there are enough you need to buy the same memory installed on your server.