Slow Plotting Bladebit 1.2.4 in Memory 512GB - IBM Server

I bought a used server to plotter fast but have a terrible deception.

I have a 5950X and P5800 use the Madmax and plot in 33min
On this server is worse than 5950X or Im not configured something correctly.

My System
IBM System x3690 X5 Dual Intel Xeon E7-2870 10 Core 2.4GHz-2.8GHz w/ 512GB DDR3 RAM
SSD Sata3 to Ubuntu

  • I try to install the Intel P5800 but it is not recognised on this server.

Ubuntu 22.04.1 LTS

On Chia program and use the Bladebit best time:

Creating 1 plots:
Output path : /mnt/0CA383565DAC8837
Thread count : 40
Warm start enabled : false

System Memory: 499/503 GiB.
Memory required: 416 GiB.
Finished Phase 1 in 1009.51 seconds.
Finished Phase 2 in 93.52 seconds.
Finished Phase 3 in 705.47 seconds.
Finished Phase 4 in 2.47 seconds.
Finished writing tables to disk in 417.72 seconds.
Finished plotting in 2228.69 seconds (37.14 minutes).

If I use the terminal reduce only 2 min.

Considering the time writing the plot on SSD 7min is to much… I know…

But for plot in Memory, it needs to be less, no?? I made any mistake??

How to improve? Any ideas?

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Try with 20 threads it might go a bit faster.

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Dual Xeon is not good I think… Also Numa with a Dual CPU System should be a pain in the ass.

I will try, but what is the logic for that? Is only half of the threads I have available.

Hyper-threading. Each core is sharing L1 and L2 cache between 2 threads. Some workloads will be faster without using it. If you do see a small performance increase you can turn off hyper-threading in the BIOS.

Don’t expect too much performance as those CPUs are 10 years old and are using DDR3 memory probably running at 1333 or even 1066 MHz.

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I’ve no idea how quick that system should be, but it’s only 10 cores per CPU and ddr3.

I have a Dell T7910 with dual E5-2699v3 18 core CPUs and 512GB of DDR4 running at 2133Mhz, it can create a plot in 12 Minutes using all 72:threads, but including disk transfer then a series of plots averages at 18 minutes each. This is using Linux Mint.

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No make difference

Thanks to let me know. I believe is much better if I sell it and back to 5950x and Intel P5800.

There is a chipper server with I can buy? Or only DDR4 with Epyc will be working fine?

I’ve no idea what you mean by the above?

I’m talking about the cheaper server with DDR3. Because the memory is the most expensive. And I have 32x16GB.
If DDR 3 is not good enough to plot, is better to sell it…

What do you think about running the 5950x and Intel P5800 and 128GB using the Bladebit 2.0? Will improve the performance?

I’m pretty sure DDR3 is good enough to plot with, I’m sure @DigitalSpaceport uses a lot of servers with DDR3, but I’ve no idea what CPU’s or plots are.

As for your second question, I’ve no idea.

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I was like… there is the problem right there. Sorry to say man but Westmere processors are for sure not what you want to plot with. For reference I hit 1600 seconds on Dual 2667v2’s with just 256GB and madmax for plotting.


Get the Epic and you will have no problems with NUMA nodes anymore…

How do you have 32 memory slots? Is it a 4x cpu server, But you said dual cpu?

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On one machine I have 16 X 32gb memory dimms

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There is a power bank memory(Drawer). It is extra and has more 16 slots.


This was from my old lab in Boca Raton
This all went to e-waste, nobody ever dreamed of chia or mmx at that time…


I suppose it’s more trouble trying to recover the $200 each they could fetch on ebay - easier to write them off and free up the space. It looks like it’d be a total playground for computer nerds though 8).
@ drhicom

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That was back in 2014 before we moved buildings ,no one knew what to come…


This is not accurate. In fact it’s plain wrong. Dual CPU systems are ideal for Bladebit! The more threads you can throw at it, the faster it’ll go. A dual CPU Xeon setup is what you want to buy to run Bladebit. I have several of them and they’re amazing. Even the older cheaper ones!

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