Slow plotting with ryzen 9 3950x

Hi, just start ploting with my Ryzen 9 3950x, 64 GB, 2* 980 pro 2 TB.
Paralel ploting 8 plots, delez 60 min, 2 treads and 3800 Mib,
First phase ploting on first plot last 3 hours… can sameone help ?

I have the same problem, people is reporting that can plot 40Gb/day with that setup, but I have tryed different configs but none worked. With 1 hour delay, the fifth plot stucks at phase one like 7 - 8 hour, and total plotting time over 13 - 15 hour. Someone knows the right config to get at least 30 plots/day? Thank you.

Are you using nvme, ssd, or spinning disk as the temp drive? That has more to do with plotting. I believe phase 1 and 3 will always take the longest.

My setup is similar with 3950x 128GB ram and using 6 ssds. The bottleneck right now is the transfer to the external drives. Especially if I only have one external.

One of my plotters started with 2xSabrent Rocket (not Q - TLC) 1TB on a Ryzen 9 3900X/Ubuntu - nothing special but i expected at least 10-20 plots a day. Unfortunately i didn’t and my hdparm -t to each drive was about 1200MB & 900MB (i then joined them in Raid 0) Assuming firmware issues i took them out, popped them into a Windows PC and found firmware were up to dat (but different - different hardware ?) In the process i formatted to NTFS and ran CrystalDiskinfo - all 3GB/sec as expected

Puzzled i popped them back into the Linux box and lo and behold i had 3GB/sec per drive and 5-6GB in RAID 0 and now its running as it should (Raid 0 direct on disk with no LVM etc)

I have no explanation but hope it helps

3 hours for phase one is really not that long actually. although it is a bit longer what I would expect from that cpu-nvme combo. For two thread plots maybe it’s to be expected 10K seconds for phase 1.
I have 3900x and see about the same

Are you plotting 8 plots per drive or 8 in total?

In any case, you should probably plot with 4 or 3 threads per plot, and then figure out the timings how many you can have in phase 1 at the same time. (only phase 1 uses multi-threading, the rest single)