SOLD GPU w/256 RAM Plotting Computer


Wondering if anyone is interested in buying my Dell T5810 plotting Computer,

I’m looking for $500 (a fair price). I’ll cover ground shipping to within mainland USA, or partial shipping cost anywhere else. I will consider all offers though!

A perfect rig for those that want to set up a small to mid size farm.

Using MadMax Gigahorse, it will plot a K32 C8 in 7.7 to 8.7 mins

-Tesla P4 (with separate powered cooling fan and 3D printed fan shroud)
-Quadro P400 (for primary display, plugging your monitor in)
-256 GB of DDR4 2133 RAM
-Intel Xeon E5-2683 V4 Processor (2.1Ghz x 32)
-1x 960 GB Samsung SSD
-2x 400 GB Intel DC S3700 series SSD’s (These two SSD’s can be configured to a Hardware RAID 0 configuration)

Just the computer as shown in pictures. No monitor, keyboard, or mouse…. I have the original shipping box with protective packaging it came in and will ship using the same protective box.

Will come with a fresh install of Ubuntu Desktop and no plotting software. Buyer will have to install correct software, drivers, and set up to their preference for plotting purposes.

I got my small farm done and had fun in the process. I want to pass a good rig onto another chia farmer!

I will take XCH or BTC as payment. You can search my past history on this forum as being active and legit. At some point, a certain level of trust has to be accepted.

I’m in the USA as far as shipping goes.

Before wiping and installing a fresh Ubuntu Desktop, here is a fresh plot creation that took 7.7 mins (K32 C8 Gigahorse)

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Another option for those with spare GPU’s,

I’ll sell the above minus the Tesla P4 GPU and Quadro P400 GPU. And install the original Quadro FX 580 GPU for $400. Same shipping as above.

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I also have a T5810

Here I’m making MMX plots k32c7

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Would be interested if I was in the US, seems like a good deal

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Just curious, what GPU do you have installed in your T5810?

I’m in the UK and have one of these for sale, E5-2699v3, only 64GB ram though as the 256 I had went in my T7910 as did all drives, except the OS drive.

Great machines, perfect for Chia plotting.



I’ll pay for ground shipping within mainland USA.

Also, since the new news of Prime Trust having issues, I won’t take USDS for now until the whole situation is stabilized again…

Updated main post with these details.

FYI this has been SOLD

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Confirmed that the system was received as expected, and SpragClutch was great to work with, would buy from again!