Space Pool not rewarding 2 months now

Hi guys, need your help.

Here is the story.
Was farming fine from november 2021 in space pool. Got rewards like every 2-3 days.
But starting from June 20th didnt get any rewards at all. Everything works nice, synced etc…

The only thing that i found is that my “current difficulty” on the Pool Overvew page always stands at 1. before june 20th it always was like 5 or 6.

Where can be an issue ?

Did you update your client? Older versions pay nothing.

We put a big warning on everyone’s worker pages and I assume space did something similar.

I dont think that was as early as june 20th was it?

Id double check payout addresses, pooling info etc.
Check the pool is receiving your partials, that there is no balance waitiing to be withdrawn.
What did you change / modify / alter on the 20th if anything?

Check the sats on the pool dashboard, see if they are receiving your partials

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wow i just found that i am using 1.20.10 version :no_mouth:


nothing at all. There were only few reboots because of an electricity.

What is sats ? how can i do this ?

They meant stats, statistics…
On the nft for the pooling plots, you can get a login link for the pool, i think its the 3 little dots, use it and check the pool is receiving partials.

Seems old client was an issued. Thank you guys!!
But now there is new issue: under “pooling” section i always have spining : Waiting for the transaction to be confirmed"

Is it just visual issue or i have to do smth ?

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Is it still the same?

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what you mean ? i am getting xch now from the pool. But what is this “Waiting for the transaction to be confirmed” ?

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It haven’t disappeared yet?

That’s totally okay if it was just for a day, but that’s odd if it’s still there.

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Try “delete unconfirmed transactions”.

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Glad you’re sorted - issue was highlighted well in advance - Probably worth a follow with notifications on Twitter/Discord etc.

Space Pool really only post essential info