Space pool vs other pool


I’m in space.pool, i just wonder about two things:

  1. Am i in best (most profitable) pool?
  2. Why there a re plenty of other pools and why do people prefer to going in there instead of joining offical chia pool?


Check for comparisons

  1. hard to say, need to collect long term (accurate) data
    Take data for 3rd party site with a grain of salt. Sometimes is just errors in API reporting/scraping that is showing differences.

  2. Do you mean the old style pools like Hpool, Corepool, Foxypool, etc?
    Dunno, I have been very surprised that so many people have stayed there.

  • Some people keep insisting that you make more with the OG pools, even though that is obviously nonsense.
  • People have bought their plots, so do not have the hardware to make new plots
  • People don’t want to invest or just can’t be bothered plotting all their drives again for a relatively small benefit at least in the short term.

You do if you discount the chances of finding a block and getting 0.25 on NFT pools :smiley: Otherwise yeah long term OG pools suck cause there are always cheaters.

My advice is to pick a pool and stick with it. Don’t give up and switch quite yet. Pooling is too new. What you want is long term info to say if the pool is trending lucky or not.

Not even that in some case :sweat_smile:

  1. If it’s not a mistake, you earn nearly the same amount of xchs on all NFT pools

  2. I joined another pool (findchia) because of their (on my own opinion) better support, airdrops + referral program. So it’s always up to you, you’ll earn pretty the same, but sometimes features could be better


I’m in the same opinion as @hey:

  1. Most pools are more or less the same. I’d be surprised if you earned more in one pool than another. That being said I heard good things about a pool called maxiopool. But then they shut down. :rofl:

  2. Official chia pool? Do you mean pools that run the official chia protocol i.e nft plots.

I’m currently with flexpool. Because of flexfarmer (I participated in their alpha testing) and I am still using it. Also, because I like their dashboard, and their team is a-ok (who are also reachable on discord).

I’m happy with hpool OG, but start reploting as soon as it was available considering hpool would get empty quickly. I’m in Brazil so Start in fazenda chia, but they get stuck in 2pb. No gains. Then change to spacepool and return for Tib is equal hpool. Now I get half replot, considering to replot other half for hpool pp, in return for the opportunity to have some gain in the beginning.

The way to check if your pool is the best in terms of amount of payments is to switch from It to other and compare each 24 hours payments between them. That is what I’m doing. I was in Space pool and now in Poolsar.

Maybe in 2 weeks I’l try XCHpool who knows, or return to Space finally. :wink:

  1. Yeah, that’s what I meant
  2. Yeah

Everyone chooses features he likes more, so that’s why someone is gonna choose findchia, someone else is going to choose flexpool, or space

Hey I have done extensive reporting on the various pools. In a nutshell, unless you are being robbed or lied to you by your pool operators you should be getting about the same.

Yuck run back to Space, Poolsar is a scam.