SSD M2 NVME Writing Speed False?

Hello guys, my question is about the writing and reading speeds advertised on the M2 SSD’s. I bought a XPG M2 NMVE 1TB SSD. In its description its advertised as 3000 mb/s reading and wrinting, but when i was plotting the peak reading was 250 mb/s and writing 1500 mb/s. Is there something wrong with my SSD or the CHIA plotting just doesn’t push the reading/writing numbers to its limits? Sorry for the rough english in advance.

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With the way the chia plotter works, one plotter will not max out the throughput of the NVMe. This is because of all the individual files that are written and read. Do you have many plotters in parallel? This is where the NVMe excels at. Also, an older processor will not be able to take full advantage of the NVMe.

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I’m doing a parallel of 4 plots with a delay between then. About my CPU it is an AMD RYZEN 5 3600. The CPU usage in task manager is pretty uneven, but its something about 60% average

Thanks for the answer by the way

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