Stale points in Flexfarmer

hi, can someone help me unravel the mystery why I have a large amount of stale?
I use compact C7 plots with GigaHorse and I am farming with Flexfarmer

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Do you use ubuntu?
Do you have a GPU?
In the log what does it show for the stales?
Do you have any disk errors?

Set difficulty to 18+ and use a GPU to farm

Either too much compression and not enough hardware (as others said consider switching to GPU or replotting to a lower C level), or the difficulty of the farmer is set too low which increases the workload beyond what’s necessary.

Yes Ubuntu Server
Yes RTX3080
No disk erros

how do i change the difficulty?
I thought that with Flexfarm it would not be necessary to farm with a GPU, only for plotting

Settings on top right of the flexpool webpage

The info requested to change the difficulty, u can find it @ chia software.


Go to your flexpool worker page and click settings or the gear icon

Did you remember to install the gpu drivers?
ubuntu-drivers autoinstall
…something like that?

I think up to about c4 c5 is about it for cpu farming .

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This is a tiny farm so cpu is possible. Makes me think plotting might be still going on and causing the stales


C6 can be done with cpu.

I3 10100f
I3 10105f


Avrg watts cpu /24h - 17w
Max - 45w
190tb raw on each harvester.

Each machine tested with pos r=4 for
@512 0,8 pib
@256 0,4 pib.

Static dif. 31

The error is pretty clear. Probably you have two nfts.