Status not connected and loading forever

Hi, since I have upgraded my Chia app, the status appear as not connected and the others categories are loading forever.

Thus, my wallet is on “not synced (0)” in orange.

I have uninstall the Chia app multiple times, deleted the db files and so on but nothing works.

Is it coming from the Hpool app (I have 90tib of plots with the same key allocated in hpool). I wanted to create a new plot to start nft ploting.

Can someone help me ?

Thank you in advance.

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Do someone have any idea ?

Sorry to hear that. Sometimes it will fix itself after a restart. Same thing happened to me and a few of my friends. There fix was to use a backedup DB. Close the chia GUI, restore the DB from past days and fixed.

But for me even copying the DB from one of them did not help. My fix was to uninstall, erase every chia folder and start from scratch. However I do not recommend as you will loose about 2 days of farming syncing even if you have port 8444 open and 500mbps internet connection.