Still need to open port 8444?

I recall when mainnet launched there was a need to open port 8444 to aid connectivity to peers

Having set that up initially, it looks like a reset to my router at some point deleted this rule & this port hasn’t been open for some time

I’ve always been synced (& connected to approx 10 peers) so is this an issue? I assume we don’t need 8444 opened anymore or should I do this anyway?

If you have more than 10 peers connected and no sync issues, no need to open the port.

It was more intented for those who have trouble connecting to peers, which was more of a problem in early versions.

Nowadays upnp seems to work fine for most


Personally. I don’t want my chia farm behind upnp. For many many security reason. Unless it was in vlan isolate.

I havnt tested but I believe chia is capable now of treversing nat🥳. No need to forward port or enable upnp. I’m not a network engender tho.

Nope, it does not traverse nat, so either open port or UPnP is recommended.

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