Stop mining chives or not?

I’m thinking about stop mining chives and focus just in chia. I like the chives community idea, but they will be always behind chia development/adoption. It’s odd to see the old chia GUI bugs on chives. What do you think?

that is my concern as well, if you make proclaim you make things better how can you inherit such an old bugs?

i think we seeing chives for the last few days

I’ve been farming Chives since late August. But I have always considered it to be a side project to “see what happens.” It’s different than the other forks that I am farming since it does require a different set of plots. I currently have a little less than 10% of my total storage space dedicated to Chives. This includes an array of 3TB drives that I had planned to decommission.

The lack of effort to update that blockchain itself is a concern. As we know, there are some critical bugs that need to be patched. I think they need to focus on that soon.

In my case, it is 60%.

have you won anything?

I wouldn’t go for more risky than Chia, which is already a gamble

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