Stopped Syncing beyond certain level


Everything had been working fine then it stopped syncing it would not go past 838,324 to catch up to full syncing.
I have the latest Chia version and it hasn’t moved for several hours likely longer before I realise.
Below is what I have found in my debug.log which I think is the most relevant.

full_node chia.full_node.full_node: ERROR sync from fork point failed err: database disk image is malformed

Advice is gratefully acknowledged

I have the same wallet fully sync on another wallet which I started again after the first posting.
Just to clarify before I mess it up, which folder/s should I transfer to the first problem wallet.


Have you tried rebooting? Both your machine and your network (modem + router?

That error sounds like your blockchain is corrupted. Just delete it and let it re-sync.

The blockchain database folder is

The wallet database folder is

In Windows they’ll have a different base folder, but once you find it the directory structure is the same. Delete everything in those folders and start your node back up and it will re-sync automatically.

You could copy the blockchain DB files (the ones that end with *.sqlite , not any others) from the synced computer, but it’s riskier than just resyncing.

Make sure to stop all chia services beforehand!!!, otherwise you’ll be copying files that were in use which is generally not good

Again, the best thing for you to do is to just delete everything from those two folders and start fresh.