Storage Drives NTFS vs EXT4

Just about to format some new storage drives and i think i might move over to NTFS from EXT4 - only for compatibility. Everything is MacOS or Linux here ATM.

Would there be any issues with the long filenames of the plots, or any other reason to not use NTFS?

I use ntfs to store plots, my temp drives are using btrfs right now. I don’t think it matters too much at this point. Haven’t seen enough data to show any is better over another.

I should say the reason I’m using ntfs is because I plot on Linux and move the drives to a spare Mac book I have.

offtopic: I had btrfs issues for several times on my temp drive: total space 750Gb, used 430Gb, available 0. So I moved to XFS.

I think it’s on topic. Right now I’m just experimenting with btrfs and have had a few issues. I didn’t have issues with ext4. Had some issues with ntfs as well. I think some of the issues were the I.D. Ten T variety.

It’s off (1)“Storage Drives” and (2)“NTFS vs EXT4” ))))
I didn’t have issues with XFS. You gave me idea to test ext4 vs xfs for plotting purposes ))

Plotting is different. Im asking as i’ve been using EXT4 on my storage devices and at they will be moved (they’re all USB External) via sneakernet to my farming machine. NTFS gives me the option to use Windows (or MacOS) to farm instead of Linux right?

Yes ntfs works with OS X at least. I try not to use windows so I’m not sure about that one. Your plotting and farming process is similar to mine. The external and internal hard drives I’m using for farming are ntfs. I think Mac mounts those as read only.

MacOS sure does, However i have NTFS for Mac from Paragon sofware which allows me to write too: