Stripe two "512"GB plotters or use them separately?

Hello everyone,
I’ve got two Gigabyte NVMe M2 drives. “512GB” each. (GIGABYTE GP-GSM2NE3512GNTD)
Of course the real storage capacity is 476.92 GB each, which leads to the limitation of being able to only plot one plot at a time in each.

So I’ve thought of making a stripe volume with them (953 GB) and use it to plot 3 at a time.
Can anyone think of any “don’ts”, drawbacks or problems with that setup?


No guarantees but should work, plenty of people using RAID0 volumes.


Just make sure it’s using software RAID (from the OS) and you should be fine!


Thanks guys.
I made the striped volume (Soft raid0 on Win10) and started a test last night. Started 3 parallel plots on 3 different PS processes to monitor, with “.\chia.exe plots create -k 32 -b 8196 -u 128 -r 2”
The rig has a i7 with 6 cores @3.40 Ghz, and 32 GB of DDR4 RAM.

The 3 plots took around 9 hours to complete. (~33,000 seconds)
So that would come down to “3 hours per plot” if I was doing one at a time. Not bad I believe?

PS: I have to point out that the machine was not dedicated to plotting all the time. I was using it for the first 3 hours for other tasks, so the CPU was not fully dedicated. I even played some games for a while :stuck_out_tongue: