Stuck at Plotting with "Error 1" when writing to disk

I stuck here for 1 day…Is that normal?

Can you click the … and view the logs and share a screenshot of what it shows?

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Only wrote {x} of {y} bytes at offset {z} to "E:\\file.plot.p1.t3.sort_bucket_021.tmp" with length x. Error 1. Retrying in five minutes.

So unfortunately, that could be an issue with your disk you’re plotting to itself. What system are you running on? You should run whatever disk utility you have available to run a health check on that drive to make sure everything is good.

For what it’s worth, I’ve also hit that issue when I bumped my external drive and knocked the cable loose.

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Not normal. Make sure E:\ is connected and you aren’t out of space, then start again. Table one should only take a few minutes to compute.

If you can post in text it’s a bit more helpful as text can be searched… whereas screenshots can not … I’ll edit the post to add that if you don’t mind :hugs:

Hey. Make sure you’re posting the right logs. The first picture says it’s plotting a K35, the second picture says it’s plotting a K32, and the third picture has a filename for a K33.

What size of plots are you trying to create? The error you posted usually means the disk is out of space based on my experience. How much free space is there on that disk?


I have the same error, but I have space on the disk.

on the disk I only have the OS of the machine.

crashed at 31% with error 1

can you help me?

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