Stuck translation

I am unable to claim my 1.7 Chia from self pool. I tried to delete unconfirmed transaction from Actions menu but still won’t release. I shut down Chia and installed the latest version but still it won’t fix the issue. Any idea?


Which version were you on and what did you upgrade too?

2.1.4 but it happened before the upgrade. I thought upgrade would fix this. Previously I used to delete unconfirmed transaction and then claim 1.75 used to work. But not anymore

Windows or Linux and how much free space is on the hard disk where chia lives?

Maybe try to delete your wallet (shutdown chia first). Rebuilding it is fast (minutes rather than hours).

if you have not added some fees you will see the transaction to your exchange or other wallet in about a week.

Thank all of you for the help. Deleting wallet didn’t help immediately but next day I was able to release the transaction

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Helps if you read the actual issue!

Not sure what do you mean?

He was referring to S1dkr post.