[swar cfg] 5900x, 64gb, 2x2tb nvme

I have 5900X, 64GB, 2X2TB NVME gen3 (non-raid) and have 8tb*8pcs hdd. Need help to right settings cfg to best plotting speed, please.

which nvme? this is very important information.

If they are fast enough, run 8 plots on each, 2 separate ques 45-60 min stagger, max 3-5 in fase 1

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I have intel p660 gen3 nvme 2pcs.

That’s a shame, sorry to say but those are about the worst nvme you can get for plotting

The sustained write speed is really bad and they probably won’t do more than 2 plots at a time each

Okay, there are a few in stock 980pro 1tb*4pcs (arrayed raid0)
But there are no such devices for sale. Tell me what can take normal drivers in stock.
How can I configure the cfg for these drives

Hi, I bought X hardware and need to know the best settings, thanks.

We’re all trying to figure out the best settings for our hardware, but there’s no way to know the best settings for your hardware without tinkering with it. Read the forums, the gdrive spreadsheet, see what other people are doing. Try some settings, see what you get. Then come back and say I’ve tried X, my results are Y, does anyone have any other advice, and you may get someone willing to help you out a bit more.

I’d start here for some general pointers: Optimizing plotting on an AMD Ryzen 5950x (or any other 16c/32t CPU) - #194 by yalcin_calimenjero

The best settings:

Use 2 different HDD as the dest.

TMP1: 1TB INTEL SSD 660p Series SSDPEKNW010T8 (PCIe 3.0 x4, xTBW, READ-1800MB-s, WRITE-1800MB-s) D:1926R-1756W
TMP2: 1TB INTEL SSD 660p Series SSDPEKNW010T8 (PCIe 3.0 x4, xTBW, READ-1800MB-s, WRITE-1800MB-s) E:1922R-1768W

1-P1 : 4-Threads : 3408-MB RAM
1-P2 : 4-Threads : 3408-MB RAM : 3600-DELAY

2-P1 : 4-Threads : 3408-MB RAM
2-P2 : 4-Threads : 3408-MB RAM : 3600-DELAY

4-plots parallel. 2-Plots for each NVMe.

1-P1 DURATION: 34613 + 958
1-P2 DURATION: 33491 + 762

TOTAL: 68104 (34052) + 1720 (860)

2-P1 DURATION: 33635 + 833
2-P2 DURATION: 32682 + 756

TOTAL: 66317 (33159) + 1589 (795)

TOTAL: 134421 (33606) + 3309 (828)