Swar, Plot Manager, or other? What are you using?

I’m curious what everyone is using for plotting. Right now I’m running Ubuntu Desktop 20.04 and plot manager and I’m debating switching to swar.

Swar seems to be in heavy development with lots of updates each day and plot manager has seen an update for a hot minute. Swar has some of the functionality I can use and some I don’t like.

So what OS are you running and what plotting tool are you using?

Running Windows here for my plotters and I run Swar’s. It was easy to install, good instructions and it does what I need. I also like that you can restart the manager portion without messing up the running plots (there is a manager that runs the … uh management of the plots and there is a viewer you use to keep an eye on it). So if you want to tweak your settings, you can do it on the fly. You have to wait for the plots to cycle through for the changes to take effect. But at least you don’t have to kill it all to make a change.

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Yes! This feature is awesome! Realtime tuning without wasting cycles. Love me some Swar :slight_smile:

Windows >> Swar’s rocks

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