Sync-Issues with 4 windows plotter setup

First of all, I would love to say thank you to the whole community. Haven’t seen such a nice and supportive bunch for ages and finally decided to go all-in and join the family!

I basically played around with CHIA farming on my own for a week and made so many mistakes.

Now I have 4 plotters that are connecting to the same account, means I use the same keyphrase to setup my accounts. I don’t even know if this is right.
My port 8444 is open (says portchecker) but every while and then a former synced computer gets unsynced again.

I think I don’t understand the concept of the node and if all my computers need to be setup differently?

Sorry about all these beginner questions… I think I’m making quite some fundamental mistakes.

Cheers and thank you

If you’re using the Windows GUI you shouldn’t be running four Full Nodes behind a single public IP address. Plotters be can run completely offline with your keys.

oh ok! got it and then I will just copy the plots to my farmer?