Sync stuck, once again!

Hello there,

I’m writing this out of frustration.

I had to re-sync the db and now after 7 days the wallet stop sync, now restart again is it too much time-consuming and honestly stupid since I started use this coin this is the 3rd time I have been forced to re-sync.

All the ports are ok and everything is set up properly.

Do you have a backup or bootstrap that maybe you can pass to me to help me out with this issue?

If the only thing will be to restart from scratch, I’m going to quit mining and using Chia.

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Good morning, without extra information, what type of OS are you running what version of Chia. How big your boot disk is and where you keep all your chia files and data base etc. Never understood why folks can’t shut down chia when it is synced up and copy the .chia and .chia_keys folder to another drive for a backup in case of a major error. I hope you don’t some real old version (at least 1.8.2) and think it’s going to keep syncing up.

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Good morning.

Ubuntu last version
Chia wallet last version 2.0.1

Other infos are all well because I’m using chia wallet 24/7 since 3 years, as I said forced to resync 3 times.

Can you point me to an up to date db to download or some sort of bootstrap?

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