Sync stucked again


Chia 1.2.11 worked fine until 4/5 days ago. My internet conection droped and after that sync did not work anymore overe days.
So I have updated to newest chia version 1.6 but sync still did not work.
Now I have deleted blockchain_v1_mainnet.sqlite file it syncs from 0 of course.
I guess the sync will last several days.
My question. Is the sync problems solved in the version 1.6?
In fact I’m pretty disapointed with all the stuff of chia (pay of return) and the sync problema.
I have had this about 10 times or more…

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If you deleted the blockchain_v1_mainnet.sqlite and had done a db upgrade and reloaded the chia app and syncing from scratch it should be making a v2 database file. Can I ask why you are so far behind in versions?

Hi stop Chia SW and download the last DB V2, you can find here :
After you download extract and copy to DB folder in Chia programs destination.
Then start Chia SW again and will be synchronized very quickly. :wink:

If chia doesn’t come up with a neer perfect client version that can reliably stay synced it’s doomed. How often does a pos in a store need to be updated……—- never. Nearly.

It needs to aim for that lvl or reliability and ease of use or adoptions gonna take a century.

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huh, I dont understand the Doomsay. For me, the wallet keeps on trach on all machines that I have (4 + 1 dev)

I understand it can be quite frustrating if the client crashes, or the DB gets corrupt.
Chia is still a relatively new Project and they are still adding plenty new features and bugfixes. 1.6.1 came out today and hase a fix/release list which wont fit on 3 pages.

Non the less, what I personally do, in order to have no issues:

  • My farm mostly stays on the same version, unless there is a really relevant update (and then usually I still stay 1-2 versions behind on my farm
  • on my home computer I use wallet mode which negates almost all syncing
  • I newer upgrade to the new versin right away. i let some time pass to let things flesh out
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What is this db? Sweet chia, Russia? Any comments???

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