Syncing is taking over a week, "Syncing 10,080/1,453,833"

is there a workaround to make syncing faster? this is my 2nd week and syncing is failing

What is your chia version
what is your OS
what is your hardware
what is your CPU usage (using logical view (per core), not combined)
how much disk space you have on drive holding your blockchain db
what drive is holding your blockchain db (HD, SSD, NVMe)
are you just starting, or it just happened for “no reason”
how long your chia was running before you took that snapshot

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I just started the process again as mentioned it was failing for the past 2 weeks, I have 2 TB using as temporary and 4 TB for final storage. port 8444 is open.
chia version is 1.2.11
windows 11
11th Gen Intel(R) Core™ i7-11700F @ 2.50GHz 2.50 GHz

Download blockchain db from the link above. If it works, let other people know by posting on this thread - CHIA DATABASE DOWNLOAD - updated every 24 hours

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I have download it now, its moving fast now.

Syncing 1,452,900/1,454,543

once completed will let you know.

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is there similar way for the wallet?

Nope. Wallet is custom to you from what I understand.

I cannot stress enough how much of a difference it makes having a fast SSD to store the Chia DB on, and a reasonably fast computer to run the chia node on.

I was using spinning drives and syncing was slow, almost impossible during the dust storms.

I have subsequently switched to raid 0 with two enterprise SSDs and after 4 hours of down-time for maintenance, it syncs in seconds.

My internet connection is shockingly poor (20mbit/s down and 1mbit/s up).

I occasionally lose my internet connection. It usually recovers after a few minutes, and all is okay.

Yesterday, I lost my internet connection, and my full node 5950x CPU (99% idle) running 100% SSD (except for storing plots)… well, it did not reconnect its wireless connection to my router, resulting in 5 hours of no connection.

The above put me out of sync, and it is approaching 24 hours, and I am falling further behind.

This happened twice before, and nothing I tried helped. I just waited, and after X days it just decided to become synced.

I have read many times about the benefit of using an SSD for storing the blockchain. My own experience suggests that the syncing problem lies elsewhere, because my 5950x with its 500GB Samsung SSD (324GB free space) runs into syncing issues, as described above.

I believe that any reasonably good mechanical drive should be able to easily write the trickle of data that comes in, especially since they all have gigabytes of cache (basically a portion of the mechanical drive is a hardware SSD that will write out its buffer to the spinning disk at its convenience).

The above is my guess, based on my knowledge of computers, and the relatively small amount of Chia data that needs to be processed. Yes, the DB is large. But that is due to a trickle of incoming data over the course of nearly a year.

I am not recommending that anyone use a mechanical drive for their blockchain. They are more prone to failure, consume more electricity, and although (I believe) fast enough, they are still slower than SSDs – and will not break the bank.

I am simply conveying that I am not convinced that syncing issues are a result of a mechanical drive not being able to handle the load (a light load, at that).

I have read about block sizes and contiguous this and that… but I just cannot envision any hard drive from the last few years not being fast enough for any format of Chia blockchain related data. Perhaps a hunt for the lowest performing mechanical drives would have a candidate that is too slow. But even those drives have solid state caching. So I just do not see how a mechanical drive would be responsible for syncing issues? Yes, use SSDs, but I would not blame the mechanical drive.

I would be happy to discover I am incorrect, if anyone could give me examples of the volume and type of Chia blockchain data that is beyond the capabilities of a mechanical drive.


You have to separate S/W from H/W. Even if your S/W is optimal, but your H/W is deficient, the overall result is bad, and vice versa. Chia software is rather badly written around peer / db handling, and the only work around is to throw fast H/W (also media) at it. The sad part is that instead of looking into it, Chia Net is trying to scapegoat the “low performing” nodes, just to skid around this problem.

I am currently on a pi4 with a single usb 12tb disk for boot, os and chia.
This takes 10s of minutes to even do chia start farmer to the point where chia farm summary works.
But even this is able to sync in a hour or so