Taiwan SSD Makers to Sell Drives Directly to Chia Miners

I am starting to wonder why there is so much focus on the SSD side of Chia. There seems to be plenty of plotting power going around and even though prices have gone up, there is no real shortage on ssd’s that I can see except for a few popular models maybe.

The big constraint is in the hdd’s

I can tell you there is shortage in the market for the high capacity nvme drives. Prices of popular models have gone up 50% or more. I have spoken to manufactures that ramped up production and are running 24/7 to keep up with demands. Even the less known brands see a surge in demand.

On the HDD side it is difficult to get large sizes, even refurbished and recertified. Traders told me it is going crazy. I have had several orders of external HDD already cancelled due to shortages.

For normal users it is good they will issue special chia nvme drives as it will decrease the demand for consumer versions. The 12000tbw one from teamgroup will cost about 800$ for the 2TB version. That might be a bit too steep for smaller home farmers.

For 12000 TBW $800 is a steal at current market prices. For anyone not doing Chia it is way overpriced. Used enterprise drives are still king, and still available on eBay.

Testing out a ssd from another Taiwan manufacture specially tuned for chia mining.
E18 chip controller, 4Tb, 12,000TBW

Read&Write 180tb, and the health just drop 1%

Expecting to have 70 plots a day with 5950x


Interesting, I thought only Teamgroup has such SSD ( in sample stage) at this moment.

I don’t get the pure fixation on plotting speed and using SSDs for that. You burn them and after a couple hundred plots your SSDs are trashed. Single purposed for creating bingo cards. WTF. Even if you actually plot those 70 plots a day, where do you store them? Thats the way bigger concern imho.

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Yes that was my thinking too.

Very nice to have an ssd that can make 20.000 plots, but that needs a lot of storage space.

Guess that just means there are already more big players busy with plotting than i thought.