Taking 2 - 3 GB a day to farm. How to reduce data consumption

To consume so much data a day is just too much. Please teach me how to reduce it. Before, 30GB package data a month is enough but now 30GB just last 10 days… how to reduce it ?

You could cut your peer count down via altering .yaml, or if pooling try increasing your difficulty if your pool lets you.

I will need some step by step guide on how to do that… any videos out there, i tried searching but could not find…

  1. what is the recommended peer count then.
  2. Will it affect my earnings ?

Close Chia, once fully closed make a backup of your config.yaml file, then edit the original, peer count will either be 40 or 80, set it to 10.

As long as you are connected to peers you will still earn.

Can’t post the specific line, as I’m at work.

Pool difficulty is altered on your pool, but it’s likely the peer count that will make the biggest difference.

Im notbsure if i am doing it right. I used Notepad++ and edited line 200 (target peer count : from 80 to 10) i hope that is the correct line. Pls can u confirm that ? Meanwhile i will see if there is difference in data consumption. Tks.

Sounds right. I was using the GUI and noticed a drop in peer count just looking at who was connected. And it’s also the combination of wallets, full nodes, and timelords so the number may be more or less as it juggles, but the takeaway is that you shouldn’t see 80 connections and that will be the clue that it is working.
I still shut my farm off again though, I passed data cap on my xfinity line… again… last time this happened it was an extra $40 or something and it totally offsets any coins I might be getting. Not looking forward to my next bill.

Yes that is the correct one, but what line it is will vary from person to person.

Hopefully it will decrease you’re data use, but I think the main difference will likely be on the upload (some ISP’s only count download). When peers are connected you download the blockchain from some of them, and others will upload from you. There will be a whole lot more going on besides this though.

How much data is yours consuming ? Im only running about 630 plots.

Looks like it may have helped a little but not much… 1GB gone in 9 hours. At this rate, it doesnt make much sense for me unless i pay more for unlimited use (which i dont need)

Why do they suck up so much data anyway… can the Chia ppl do something about this ?

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Estimated 200GB+ per month - just guessing as my usage drops to 9XXGB when I cool it with the coin stuff. With Chia and another part-time coin in rotation (Iron Fish, MMX Node, or Monero usually) it zooms past the 1.2TB data cap and I get dinged. I’m honestly just tired of it, probably going to quit coins again for another few months like I always do. See you guys in a few months lol.

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Well… it is still taking up about over 2GB every 24 hour which is a lot in my opinion. What are they running all those data for ? Is there really no other way to really reduce data consumption ?

If you want to run a node thats the cost.

Other options are choosing a solution where you dont run a node to mine, like the old flexfarmer.

Join Foxy pool and run their Foxy Farmer. No need to run a full node then.