Taro-bites ~ how to predict the future

Does anyone els feel like they can predict the future the more tb you collect?

Chia = biblical

Tb’s are directly tied to ones wisdom
As in
If your wise you spent all your money on hard drives

We’re all stuck together

Chosen for this, many paths

Our children will be on here arguing about what to do with chia and their fortunes

What does your future in chia look like, where does this all go.

Is there eventually gonna be some greater purpose than just lottery tickets, for all this data storage?

What goals is the blockchain directly accomplishing?
Other than just making us rich.

Couldn’t the chain be used for time synchronization? Like a digital round the world atomic clock.

That’s a stretch I know, I just want to know what the Devine purpose will be.


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dont have much time, gotta feed my cat.
bitcoin → chia
Less POW, true DEX.
Brokers die
Banks die


How come I still receive this spam in my mailbox? When can we expect this forum to finally close?

I have to talk to sargonas again…

Good for you. :joy: I hope it makes u feel good about urself single handedly ruining true chia.

Exactly ponzi scheme from banks will go down! They are all overleveraged and will fail. Steeling money everyday and keep the inflation up to make mone out uf us!

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lol yes 1 petabyte of “wisdom” says you are correct

now I just need to rename all my plot files as .wisdom files

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Should i work for western union

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