Technical nuances in the new version GUI 2.0

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Friends, please, pay attention to some technical nuances, first of all on plotting in the new version 2.0. Owners of 256gb RAM, if you make plots in the new version of Chia, please check the data of plots «Сhia plots check» command. There are tests from other farmers that plotting creates an incorrect plot in Chia GUI, although visually the programm accepts it in farming. Unfortunately, we don’t know what caused this bug, but the Сhia developers have confirmed that it will be fixed soon. Try to use plotting with terminal/powershell. Download BladeBit from GitHub until this problem is fixed by the Chia Network developers.

Link to BladeBit 3.0 in GitHub:

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Would this cause compressed plots to stop harvesting?

If the plots are invalid, then yes. Pascal cards, so 10 series and Tesla P4 also suffer from GRR error, which stops harvesting compressed plots after a while.

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Hello! To determine the validity of compressed and uncompressed plots you need to check the plots with the command “Chia plots check”. A video with detailed instructions you can find on our Youtube channel:

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I had just finished plotting my second 20tb drive Sunday then they just stopped farming gonna dig in today! Tanks for pointers

Is your harvester the same machine as your full node?
Or is your harvester (the one with the new plots that stopped farming) a different box?

If you have two or more boxes, and you installed 2.0.0 on your main box (your full node) but did not install the 2.0.0 for your harvester box, then your harvester box, with the older Chia version, will not understand compressed plots (and it is the harvester that needs to understand).

This is new to me. But that is my understanding. Please anyone correct me if I am mistaken.

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I’m all on one hp z620 and my non compressed plots are still harvesting just fine

You are correct harvester and farmer should be on the same version.

What GPU are you using?

Did the plots initially farm, then they stopped, or have they never farmed?

It’s an nividia 3060 and yes they were harvesting then stopped. Can’t write new cuda plots either I’m pretty sure it’s the software bug

It won’t be the GRR error, it doesn’t affect 3060’s.

What OS are you using?

Have you checked the settings are correct within the harvester tab in the GUI.

How do you create plots?

I’ve got windows 11 pro. And they were harvesting until Sunday evening. I’ve got 256gb of ram so jut create plots from the gui direct to the hdd.

Most odd, can you check you have enable compressed plot support checked, and the other setting too.

Do you have more than one GPU.
Did a driver update occur?
Have you checked in device manager - is the card present?

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Yea all those settings are correct. They were farming then stopped. I only have one Gpu in the computer and the drives are up to date. Anything I’m missing?

Only other thing I can suggest is to try a reboot, if that doesn’t do it, update the graphics driver.

Only other thing I can suggest is to download CompuBench 2.0 Windows Download and test the GPU, make sure you select CUDA

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Thanks for your help. I’ll try don’t know why I can’t even write a plot anymore.

So restart worked but the old plots still won’t farm but I can write new ones again

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