Thank You, HPOOL!


You are awesome. I am close to get 0.2 XCH and no more farming. Thanks a lot.


I joined yesterday Hpool, but today I felt so Darth Vader…I wasn’t able to continue.
I disconnect my farm rig…I think the ethics spoke louder… maybe I’m just being stupid, but I wasn’t feeling comfortable.And all my ssd health being sucked to plot the remaining space that I have in my external drives…nhhasmmm, I just gave up.
Tomorrow I’m going to format my farm rig, and delete all my plots ( my wallet was compromised ) so there is no point continuing using those plots.
I will stop for now, and eventually get some SAS drives in RAID 0 to plot again.
I’m not going to use SSD or Nvme drives, it’s a waste of money I will be as " green " as I can !

Maybe I will format all my external drives as well, we never know what kind of malicious software the Hpool plotter have.

Best regards.


You can use your compromised key to farm those plots, just farm the rewards to a different address!

Set the reward address to one that belongs to a key you own that isn’t compromised and make sure there is no malware on your device trying to harvest to a different address.

I have all my farmers going straight to a cold wallet just in case my system gets compromised, there’s no benefit in knowing my key since it’s just used to make the blocks with my plot proofs.


Did you guys update to the new version?
Old version farmer is not supported anymore

Yep. But the main issue is the “0” support you get from them. The mail box is full. Who cares about the farmer?

IMHO main issue is that they have no international forum

They hear the same questions 10000s of times a day from miniscule amount of netspace owners, meanwhile trying hard to get rid of their main issue with having to give away more chia than they made (cause of hackers) problem

  • ofc their english isn’t well, ans I don’t think their public relations time is numerous, it’s likely less than 5 people who speak English well enough

They getting flooded with constantly the same questions in mostly English, Russian and Chinese (alone on the discord the same questions come up hundreds of times without anyone trying to use the search)

I think they went to big to handle it themselfs, hope they either hire more people or find a way to distribute information more reliably, and maybe recruit some community moderators which can keep a forum and FAQ in multiple languages maintained

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Oh and jfi, today they reduced withdrawal amount to 0.1 so u likely can withdraw everything now :slight_smile:

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Now the title of the post makes sense. Thank You Hpool!