The application cannot run with the downloaded database

I downloaded “mainnet.2023-10-01.tar”. After extracting it, I renamed the file from “blockchain_v2_mainnet.2023-01-10.sqlite” to “blockchain_v2_mainnet.sqlite” and replaced it in the db folder of mainnet folder. When I started the application, I couldn’t start with a full node. Upon checking the “blockchain_v2_mainnet.sqlite” file in the db folder, it had been deleted and overwritten with a new file. Please help me fix it

Something changed on the last snapshot - I noticed I had to “double unzip” the file. The second extraction populates the height, peers, and sub_epoch files too. If all of those files made it into the folder… I’m not sure how to proceed… Maybe reboot first to make double sure Chia doesn’t have a process still running or whatnot.

-edit- Oh, I must have just missed the cutoff on this snapshot, mine was downloaded 2 weeks ago (the June snapshot I believe). They may have still double zipped though, worth a look.