The application will stop working at block height error message

Has anyone seen this message? It just popped up on my farmer!

Screen Shot 2021-04-21 at 6.33.06 PM

1.1.0 is out. I was told this error message needs no change and shouldn’t be friendlier to at least point you to the 1.0.4 changelog that notes what this means.

It means you have to upgrade to 1.1.0 before that block height is reached.

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Thank you. 1.1.0 is not on yet. Do you have to go to the GitHub page?

Ha man I hit a good breakpoint in plotting earlier so upgraded to 1.0.5 probably hours before 1.1.0 got released

the text is wrong. the link is fine. But if you want the github: Release 1.1.0 · Chia-Network/chia-blockchain · GitHub

cool thx, I see that

No big deal at this early stage, but I think Chia central need to be careful about perceptions (or reality) having a sort of ‘kill switch’ in the software like this. It makes an impression of central control, which is already the one thing that’s going to be an uphill climb for the coin despite all its other advantages.

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Worth noting that plotting will continue to work on the old version (but farming won’t).

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It won’t hit this block height until May 3rd though right? So I won’t need to shut down my plotting for another week or so?

We are at 191313. The cut off is 193,536.
Though, as the other person noted, supposedly plotting still works. The release notes also specifically say “to farm” Release 1.0.4 · Chia-Network/chia-blockchain · GitHub

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Announcement on Keybase:

REMINDER: Versions prior to 1.1.0 will stop working in about 9 hours at around 2021-04-27T10:00:00Z. You must upgrade from any 1.0x version to continue farming.

Plotting isn’t affected, but farming will stop unless you upgrade.

remote harvesters will still work on the old version but it could get weird…


I’m curious, what’s the technical reason for that?