The largest Chia pool pays 5% less, here's why

I have been comparing pools and hoping between them. I notice some pay less. Data shared with me suggests its due to the partial filter. I repeated these tests myself to verify.

The pool accepts late partials past 28 seconds. This is faulty. The filter should be at 28 seconds. I set my partials to be sent with delay, most were accepted. Late partials do not find blocks. This allows bad farms to leech off honest farmers.

Maybe they are stealing, maybe they pay bad farmers to get more customers. Do your own research. It is funny to see USA be the scammers.

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they gonna unlist your post like thay did to mine. every normal people knew that pools are scam.

nothing hurts like the truth :ok_man:

It does not make sense to do that, there is no logical reason to do it.

Unless of course you’re trying to rile people up against Chia (@sargonas see this? it’s everywhere)

Utter nonsense again!

there should be just two of you in this forum so you can jerk on each other, fucking lunatics.

I’ve left this forum a long time ago. You’re the one who stays to harass people, probably with multiple accounts.

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So you did you come back, you are just as bad as the others?

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I couldnt choose to call you on it, if you didnt do it, could i.

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you are here to stink, who made you king stupid moron?

It is modded, lightly. no one can close but the opener, and no doubt one of us would just start another.

What gives you the right to do that?

What do you mean by extreme means? That sounds like some sort of underhand threat.


Seriously…we all know there are some issues on this forum and that has been the case for a long long time.

But quite frankly your relentless crusade to make it a bigger issue that it has to be, is not helping to make it any better here.


There is one moderator, the owner, and he isn’t active. You can easily check that, it’s all public information.

Did you find the first post of this thread interesting? No of course. That’s because it’s made to pollute (intentionally) the discussion about Chia, by a brand new account. This is 100% conspiracy and fear mongering.

I will stop when this forum is moderated again or dead. I do not come here for fun, I’ve stopped attending regularly a long time ago.

What gives scammers the right to use this unmoderated forum to entice newcomers to download fake chia db software?

You are asking the wrong questions.

This is some really basic hatred. Please do better. xoxo

If @aurelius disagrees with your comment, it is hatred.

@aurelius has neither the ability nor the authority to do that – or does he have an imaginary, magical “sudo” command to close down this forum?

You’ve given absolutely no reason why you consider that person to be scammer, you just doing agree with their prices, your accusations are completely baseless, hence you can’t answer the simple question of where it’s your proof!

This makes you no better than the posters you accuse of being trolls.

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Cool, so you agree, chill

" active currently "

You see @dchuk online right now?

That would be the currently that hes not active…

You stated otherwise!
I was doing a fify, thought youd catch on.

sad I am not believed. Idiots get scammed. I find about this from this.