(The OpenZeppelin in Chia) Introducing Cypher - The Open Source Chialisp Library for Smart Contract Development

Are you looking to build smart contracts in Chialisp? Meet Cypher - the fully open source library designed to simplify your development process and enhance the security of your smart contracts:

Cypher helps reduce boilerplate, increase readability, and simplify complex mathematical operations. By importing utilities from Cypher, you can focus on the critical logic of your smart contracts and significantly improve the efficiency of your development process.

One of the unique features of Cypher is its inclusion of logical checks around commonly used functions to safeguard against basic exploits. Additionally, Cypher provides implementation of standards to help you learn more about Chialisp and pick up valuable knowledge along the way.

Whether you’re new to Chialisp or an experienced developer looking to streamline your workflow, Cypher is the perfect tool for you. Best of all, it’s fully open source, so you can modify and customize it to meet your specific needs.

Check out * Cypher *, the Chialisp library. Now open source. Send your PR now!