The version 2.0.1 came out!


Hi there!

Version 2.0.1 release addresses an issue that was identified relating to GPU plotting in Linux using the GUI, and certain command line parameters.

If you have made plots on 2.0.0 using either the Linux GUI, or the chia plotters bladebit cudaplot command on Linux, please note that those plots are invalid, and will need to be removed , and can be recreated using 2.0.1.

All other plotting methods with 2.0.0, including using the bladebit_cuda command directly in Linux, are unaffected, and should have produced valid plots. Link to this release in Github:…/chia-blockchain/releases/tag/2.0.1

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I have made some plot with bladebit 2.0 and I am running (chia plots check) and have received no error so far. Will this find the bad plot from bladebit??

They recommend using chia plots check -n 100 to find bad plots, which will take just over three times longer than the standard check, but if it says they are valid, then they are valid.

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