These plots are invalid, you might want to delete them

I’ve been checking with windows power schell plots check and everything’s ok, but in my gui tells me 5 plots are invalid, you might want to delete them??? may be will have to restart gui to get it away? also my wallet was always connections 1 , and today 0? yet the farmer seems to be running normally, should i be worried? Thank you^^

try refresh directories. or delete a directory and add again. if they still dont show up, restart GUI. most of the time those plots turn out to be valid - dont delete them too soon :wink:


Thanks, everythings done, will try to restart once plotting finished^^ I think windows power schell 's making 30 test if i’m right, so there must be ok…^^

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Yeah, unfortunately there’s no way to refresh the GUI to clear these up. :frowning:

But unless they are files in the process of being copied, when the GUI says they are invalid, they usually are in my experience. You can run plot check from the command line to confirm.

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are you moving plots into a directory for farming?

if you are i think these are remnants from errors when the file is not fully moved and it can’t be checked properly. you see them in the log briefly

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I run plot check from the command line to confirm, everytings ok , so i don’t know if there are farming well or not… will restart gui later to see

Right, these files must of time comes from an other ploting pc, so I think they are all right^^
log briefly in mainet?

Is it okay to copy plots over to a live directory?

I delete the directory from GUI, copy the plots, then add the directory back on again (of course the plots are loosing that much of an opportunity being offline). Someone suggested renaming them to.tmp and copying them then changing the extension back to.plot - is this the most efficient way of doing it?

i don’t think it makes any difference, except to get an error in the log, which never shows up again

So copy to live is ok then?

it’s what i do. the plots show up in the farm after a few minutes


Coolio, thanks Jonboycrpto!

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all good after restart^^ thank you everyone

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I it just a GUI bug and the plots are farming just fine? I don’t want to restart the node each time it shows invalid plots.

I had few plots shown as invalid by Chia GUI, first I ignored and farm with them. Then funnily when I join hpool, its GUI also state the same. I did CLI check and they do seem invalid, so I delete them and replot again.

Somehow, I think my other plotter PC gave bad quality plots. Almost the newer plots created are shown invalid either by Chia GUI or hpool. As precaution I stopped plotting with the PC and moved the NVME to other plotter PC. Haven’t checked though if NVME is the real culprit, it’s Samsung 980 1TB. Or maybe the CPU (i7-2600K)/RAM (32GB Corsair DDR3 LP Vengeance 1600Mhz).

For now plotting only with 980 Pro 1TB and 970 EVO Plus 1TB with Ryzen 3700X / 32GB Gskill 3600MHz, so far so good.

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Best M.2, Samsung 970 pro 1T , even faster than 980 pro on PCIe4…

Fully agree with you, unfortunately I have to consider my budget and chose to have 2 1TB NVMEs instead only get 1 if I choose 970 Pro 1TB.

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Noticed the “no connection” in wallet recently as well. Played around, found if you click “Keys” in the GUI, then reclick your keys again to reenter, it spins a bit, now wallet shows 1 connection. Works every time.

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Running under Gui and my plots are in one big storage made with Glusterfs but some plots when I ping the directory of my plots which is mnt/glusterfers appaers to be invalid, just because the plot name have a mnt/glusterfs on their name means :slight_smile:

/mnt/glusterfs/.plot…plot /

Does anybody get the same bug ?