This forum software is sorta awesome

Where can I learn more about it?


Oh, this old thing. I think one of the members here (@codinghorror ) might have created it. :grinning:


:rofl: It is smooth and simple! best way to keep it. Im diggin it also!


It’s :wink:

You can also join where we talk about everything related to Discourse.


Yeah, this is a discourse instance. Very slick forum software both externally and administratively. Was easy to toss onto a DigitalOcean droplet to get up and running.

And yeah, Jeff (@codinghorror) who joined here recently is the founder of the project/company behind Discourse. Pretty cool all around.


Yeah thanks for setting it up! I was kinda dying trying to use Reddit to actually talk to people… Reddit is good for breaking news, what’s hot, and funny memes… but man it is terrible for actual convos. So I’m super happy to have this site available, thank you! In fact if I can donate to support it let me know!


Really appreciate that offer, but I have no problem footing the hosting bill here, happy to support the community. Your participation along with everyone else is payment itself!


@codinghorror I also have to say, as a Rails coder starting back before v1.0 days, that I love the fact this forum is written in it, and hopefully once this stupid pandemic is done and we can have real conferences again and Chia hosts their first one, I’ll get us a round of beers to celebrate all these cool projects!


Well, you set it all up great! Everything is working well, the email is configured properly (email is a PITA to set up because, well, email has been abused for decades now), logos and it’s on a fast machine… well done! :clap:

Now we need to get the word out and grow the community! :seedling:


Well put. I’ve been meaning to say that this is the first real forum I’ve joined since my Counter Strike 1.6 days. As corny as it sounds, I felt a sense of pride and relationships back then.

Reddit is just information overload and can very toxic due to the anonymity. I made a decision to use my “normal” handle here to be personable, honest and frankly… “real”.

It’s a very welcomed change of pace vs. typical social media.


Reddit is good at

  • breaking hot news
  • funniest, dankest memes

… and those are useful things! But it’s kinda terrible at everything else, due to the way everything falls off the homepage at exponential rates.

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@codinghorror well thanks for your software, I’ve enjoyed using discourse for a few years now.

So much nicer than when everything was crammed onto BCT which never did get an overhaul.