TibetSwap an AMM on Chia

Anyone else here check out TibetSwap and came away impressed?

First time using Chia’s offer system and how TibetSwap tied it all together to make an AMM is awesome!

Will be nice to see TibetSwap liquidity continue to grow and become one of the main source for trading!

They are officially listed on Chia’s website and are open source…

We’ll see if stablecoins get kicked in the nuts, at least in the US. SEC is doing a thing, could be messy. TibetSwap looks as neat as Dexie, I appreciate the work that goes into this - hope it’s still standing when the dust settles.

I certainly hope DEXs take over!

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Hey there! I’ve just set up this account to thank you for your kind post. If I can help with anything (questions, issues), don’t hesitate to get in touch! We’re mainly on Discord/Twitter, but I really hope I’ll get an email if someone mentions or messages me :slight_smile: