To perform the plot process by using the maximum capacity usage

I have 2X1 tb m2 nvme ssd.

you know, 3 plots can be written on 1 tb disk on parallel. But at what stage can I write the 4th plot in parallel? Do you have info?

You know, it should be like 239 GiB free space for 1 plot. According to this calculation, in parallel (931/239=3.8 plot can be write). For example, when stage reaches 50%, plots do not get disk full error if I initialize the other disk? I’ve never seen the disk get too full. What do you think?

If the two drives are the same model, then try to put them together in raid0 , that gives you more space to play with.

Plot starts at 0GB and at the end of phase 2 it reaches maximum size (240-270GB) After phase 2, the size starts to go down until final size of 106 GB

I would use Swar configured to allow 6 total plots, with only three allowed in stage 1 at any time. It will kick off the first three plots, monitor them, and kick off the next three when the first enter stage two. Put in a stagger too if you need to avoid flooding your spinning disks.

I have been using this setup and getting great overall throughput with no disk overage issuea

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