Toshiba load/unload cycle count high rating

Hey citizens of the world :man_farmer:

What do you think of that?

this is crazy cycles count and lifetime estimates just after two years of using.

i don’t hear any strange noices or sound of constant head parking, i can’t say i observe such behaviour with another brands as well


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The life-time count seems fine. I mean there’s 8760 hours in a year so 2 years would be 17520 power on hours.

The load/unload is another matter. An and far as I understand, not so good to have too many of those.
I disabled all the idle_b timers on my seagate drives for this reason following JM’s video:

But I have yet to find a similar tool that works on Toshiba drives.

Should i put all my seagates to idle_a? Could you share cli command?

or this could be enough: SeaChest_PowerControl -d PD<#> --idle_b disable ?

doesn’t look there is one

I used this:
openSeaChest_PowerControl -d all --idle_b disable

and this to check if it worked:
openSeaChest_PowerControl --showEPCSettings -d all

PS I can only use it with an elevated cmd, not powershell as will just open a cmd window from powershell anyway but then you can’t see what happens.

you can call cmd from powershell and proceed in there, i use it constatntly :upside_down_face:

thank you for your participation. i think i just fugured how to stop this cycle count to grow on toshibas: you should set device policy to default w/o caching in device manager under policy tab

UPD: no, not helping :slight_smile: