Transactions went live today…what’s your Chia investment strategy now? (Part 2 of pre-transactions thread)

We started chatting here over the weekend:

Now that transactions are live and we have some idea of a price/$XCH, what, if anything, has changed for any of you in terms of your possible investment strategy?

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Still 10k per XCH.
I haven’t sold any.

I’m thinking 25k after 10 years, whichever comes later. I don’t need the cash that bad and every crypto I’ve ever bought and sold (BTC and ETH) I eventually came to regret selling.

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hoping the plotting for pools now while still using them for solo farming pans out :slight_smile:
And given I wasn’t ever going to expand out of my box here… I may dabble a bit when it’s available in US exchanges.

I signed up to Okex just to test a real transaction. All went well.
I think the xch price will fluctuate quite a bit over the next week or two so I’ve set two automatic market triggers: a sell at a high trigger and a buy at a low trigger. Just going to see how that works for the time being.

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Current price is terrible for me: Too high to buy, too low to sell!

Also not sure if it’s worth investing more money into hardware considering the netspace growth and the spike in hard disk prices.

I’ll guess I’ll just keep on plotting with I’ve got this month. As soon as they release the pool-compatible version I’ll start creating compatible plots to be prepared to join a pool.

Essentially not much of a strategy, mostly waiting… :slight_smile: